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Men's Shirts - Eton of Sweden Slim Fit Shirts

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Indumenti INDUMENTI in LUND, is a men's high-end fashion store in the center of Lund, Sweden. Our philosophy is to be the essential place for all fashion-interested men who want to have an up-to-date wardrobe with clothes of the highest quality and latest style. Brands that we stock and know are : Eton shirts, Eton Made to measure shirts for men, Thomas Mason shirts, Albiate Shirts, Cotonifico Albini Shirts, Montecore Jackets, Gran Sasso Knitwear, Il Gergo Italian hand made shoes, VBC 1663 suits, Loro Piana suits, Berwich Pants, Italian men's bags, and much more. You can always feel confident in trusting our service, support and recommendations of style and you are always welcome to visit us in Lund!" 55.704024,13.192388 4791 Anders Selin 1/1/1994 Monastero AB KLOSTERGATAN 1, S-222 22 LUND, SWEDEN 556787-9555 556787-9555 Monastero AB - Purveyors of Mens clothing 46 (0) 46-1988 00 Anders Selin SEK, DKK,NOK,EUR,GBP,USD,CAD,BRL,JPY,INR,RBL,AUD,CHF,CNY Cash, Credit cards, Invoice, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Paypal,13.123169&sspn=0.757138,2.113495&st=109146043351405611748&rq=1&ev=zi&spli